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3M™ Products

3M™ Tapes
    3M™ Bonding
        3M™Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™High Tack Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™Double-Linered Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™Adhesive Transfer Tapes Extended Liner Tapes
            3M™350 High Holding Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™300MP High Tack Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™300LSE Low Surface Energy Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™300 High Strength Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™220 Industrial Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™200MP High Performance Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™100MP High Performance Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™100 High Temperature Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tapes
            3M™Specialty Adhesive Transfer Tapes
        3M™ VHB(TM) Tapes
            3M™ Tape Primer
            3M™ VHB(TM) Tapes
            3M™ VHB(TM) Multi-Purpose Acrylic Tapes
            3M™ VHB(TM) Modified Acrylic Tapes
            3M™ VHB(TM) Low Temperature Appliable Acrylic Tapes
            3M™ VHB(TM) Low Surface Energy Tapes
        3M™Scotch(R) ATG Adhesive System
            3M™Scotch(R) ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928
            3M™Scotch(R) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 976
            3M™Scotch(R) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 970XL
            3M™Scotch(R) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 969
            3M™Scotch(R) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 926
            3M™Scotch(R) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 924
            3M™Scotch(R) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 908
            3M™ ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 987
        3M™Removable and/or Repositionable Bonding Tapes
            3M™ Removable Repositionable Tape 9870
            3M™ Removable Repositionable Tape 9416
            3M™ Removable Repositionable Tape 9415PC
            3M™ Removable Repositionable Tape 666
            3M™ Removable Repositionable Tape 665
            3M™ High Tack/Medium Tack Double Coated Removable Repositionable Tape 9425
        3M™Reclosable Fasteners
            3M™ Scotchmate(TM) Hook and Loop Reclosable Fasteners
            3M™ Dual Lock(TM) Reclosable Fasteners
        3M™Membrane Switch Materials
            3M™Single Coated Switch Spacer
            3M™Double Coated Switch Spacer
        3M™Flexographic Mounting Systems
            3M™ Flexomount(TM) Solid Printing Tape
            3M™ Cylinder Mount Buildup Tape
        3M™Double Coated Tapes
            3M™800 Natural Rubber
            3M™700 Synthetic Rubber
            3M™400 Acrylic Adhesive
            3M™350 High Holding Acrylic
            3M™340 High Strength Acrylic
            3M™330 High Temperature Acrylic
            3M™300MP High Tack Acrylic
            3M™300 High Strength Acrylic
        3M™Double Coated Foam Tapes
            3M™ Double Coated Vinyl Foam Tape 4432
            3M™ Double Coated Vinyl Foam Tape 4416
            3M™ Double Coated Vinyl Foam Tape 4408
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4085
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4056
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4052
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4032
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4026
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4016
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4008
            3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4004
            3M™ Double Coated Removable Foam Tape 4658F
            3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4496
            3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4492
            3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4466
            3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4462
    3M™Specialty Products
        3M™Single Coated Foam Tapes
            3M™Vinyl Foam Tapes
            3M™Urethane Foam Tapes
        3M™Cleanroom Tapes
            3M™ Low Outgassing High Shear Polyester Tape 8439
            3M™ Cleanroom Vinyl Tape 1251
            3M™ Cleanroom Very High Tack Tape 1254
            3M™ Cleanroom High Temperature ESD Tape 1258
        3M™Clean-Walk Mats
            3M™ Clean-Walk Replacement Pads 5842
            3M™ Clean-Walk Mat 5838
            3M™ Clean-Walk Mat 5836
            3M™ Clean-Walk Mat 5830
            3M™ Clean-Walk Framed Mats 5840
        3M™Clean-View Pads
            3M™ Clean-View Pads 5850
        3M™Temperature Monitoring
            3M™ Temperature Logger TL20
        3M™Remote Sensing Products
            3M™Scotchlite(TM) Remote Sensing Photoelectric Sheeting 7590
            3M™Scotchlite(TM) High Gain Reflective Sheeting 7610
            3M™Scotch(R) Photoelectric Scanning Tape 7800
            3M™ Diamond Grade(TM) Rectangular Reflectors 988
            3M™ Diamond Grade(TM) Fluorescent Flexible Drum Wrap Sheeting 3910
        3M™Package Attachment and Label Protection
            3M™Pouch Tape Rolls
            3M™Packing List Envelopes
            3M™Label Protection
        3M™Narrow Width Film
            3M™Scotch(R) Transparent Film Tape 6811
            3M™Scotch(R) Transparent Film Tape 681
            3M™Scotch(R) Transparent Film Tape 605
            3M™Scotch(R) Red Cellophane Tape 650
            3M™Scotch(R) Premium Transparent Film Tape 600
            3M™Scotch(R) Premium High Tack Film Tape 622
            3M™Scotch(R) Premium Cellophane Tape 610
            3M™Scotch(R) Heat Shrinkable Film Tape 6887
            3M™Scotch(R) Film Fiber Tape 720
            3M™Scotch(R) Colored Film Tape 690
            3M™Scotch(R) Cellophane Tape 5912
            3M™Highland(TM) Transparent Tape 5910
            3M™ Scotchpro(TM) Transparent Film Tape 8470
        3M™High Strength Tapes
            3M™Strapping Tapes
            3M™Filament Tapes
            3M™Easy Access Tear Strip Tapes
            3M™Clean Removal Solutions
        3M™Dispenserless Padded Products
            3M™Pouch Tape Pads
            3M™Padded Tape Products
            3M™Padded Carry Handles
            3M™Hang Tabs
        3M™Box Sealing Tapes
            3M™Specialty Box Sealing Tapes
            3M™Security and Printed Message Tapes
            3M™Box Sealing Tapes, Standard
        3M™Vinyl and Polyethylene Tapes
            3M™Premium Performance Vinyl Tapes
            3M™Polyethylene Tapes
            3M™Hazard Identification Vinyl Tapes
            3M™General Performance Vinyl Tapes
            3M™Electroplating and Anodizing Vinyl Tapes
        3M™Special Application Tapes
            3M™Venting Tapes
            3M™Riveting Tapes
            3M™Other Tapes
            3M™Nylon Tapes
            3M™High Temperature Tapes
            3M™Graphic Arts Tapes
        3M™Slick Surface Tapes
            3M™UHMW-PE Tapes (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
            3M™PTFE Tapes (Polytetraflorethylene)
        3M™Sandblast Stencil and Impact Stripping Products
            3M™Sandblast Stencil
            3M™Impact Stripping
        3M™Repulpable Tapes
            3M™Temporary Single Coated
            3M™Temporary Double Coated
            3M™Permanent Single Coated Tape
            3M™Permanent Double Coated Tape
            3M™Paster Nose Tabs
        3M™Protective Tapes
            3M™Protective Tapes - Short Term
            3M™Protective Tapes - Long Term
        3M™Polyester Tapes
            3M™Release Surface and Liner Splicing Tapes
            3M™Reflective Tapes
            3M™Photo Splicing Tapes
            3M™Moisture Barrier Tapes
            3M™General Industrial Polyester Tapes
            3M™Circuit Board Fabrication
        3M™Metal Foil Tapes
            3M™Premium Performance Aluminum Foil Tapes
            3M™Lead Foil Tapes
            3M™General Purpose Aluminum Foil Tapes
            3M™Aluminum Foil Reinforced Tapes
        3M™Masking Tapes and Products
            3M™Specialty Masking Tapes
            3M™Large Area Masking Systems
            3M™Hand Masking Products
            3M™Flatback Paper Tapes
            3M™Fine Line Masking Tapes
            3M™Crepe Masking Tapes
        3M™Glass Cloth
            3M™ Thermosetable Glass Cloth Tape 3650
            3M™ Thermosetable Glass Cloth Tape 365
            3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 361
            3M™ General Purpose Glass Cloth Tape 3615
            3M™ Flame Retardant Sealing Tape 398FR
        3M™Duct And Cloth Tapes
        3M™Damping Foils
            3M™Sound Damping Foil Tapes
            3M™ Sound Damping Aluminum Foam Sheets
    3M™ Electronics
        3M™ XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive Tape
            3M™ XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive Tape 9713
            3M™ XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive Tape 9712
        3M™ Water Contact Indicator Tape
            3M™ Water Contact Indicator Tape 5558
            3M™ Water Contact Indicator Tape 5557
            3M™ Ultra-Thin Water Contact Indicator Tape 5559
        3M™ Thermally Conductive Tape
            3M™ Thermally Conductive Tape 9890
            3M™ Thermally Conductive Tape 9885
            3M™ Thermally Conductive Tape 9882
        3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape
            3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 8820
            3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 8815
            3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 8810
            3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 8805
        3M™ Polyester Film Tape
            3M™ Polyester Tape 854
            3M™ Polyester Tape 853
            3M™ Polyester Film Tape 856
            3M™ Polyester Film Tape 850
        3M™ Optically Clear Adhesive Tape
            3M™ Optically Clear Adhesive 8142
        3M™ Electrically Conductive Tape
            3M™ Electrically Conductive Tape 9703
        3M™ Clean Seal Tapes
            3M™ Polyester Tape 8333
3M™Replacement Parts for Tape Dispensers and Case Sealers
    3M™Allen Keys
    3M™Air Cylinders
    3M™Tubes - Tubing
    3M™Threading Tools
    3M™Technical Literature
    3M™Support Bars
    3M™Space - Spacers
    3M™Sleeves - Sleeving
    3M™Shock Absorbers
    3M™Seals - Sealers
    3M™Reducers - Reduction
    3M™Quick Exhaust
    3M™Protectors - Protection
    3M™Print Heads
    3M™Power Supply
    3M™Power Cords
    3M™Paw - Pawl
    3M™Mounts - Mountings
    3M™Motor Controller
    3M™Junction - Block, Box
    3M™Head Supports
    3M™Flow Control
    3M™Flap Folders
    3M™Feeders - Feeding
    3M™E-Stop - Emergency Stop
    3M™Cross Members
    3M™Couplers - Couplings
    3M™Cotter Pin
    3M™Cores - Mandrels - Tape Drums
    3M™Circuit Breakers
    3M™Blades and Knives
    3M™Ball Joints
3M™Office, Stationery, and Mailing Products
    3M™Post-It(R) and Highland(TM) Products
        3M™Post-It(R) Telephone Message Pads
        3M™Post-It(R) Super Sticky Notes
        3M™Post-It(R) Recycled-Paper Notes
        3M™Post-It(R) Pop-up Notes and Dispensers
        3M™Post-It(R) Notes
        3M™Post-It(R) Memoboards
        3M™Post-It(R) Memo Cubes
        3M™Post-It(R) Lined Notes
        3M™Post-It(R) Flags
        3M™Post-It(R) Easel Pads
        3M™Post-It(R) Cork and Dry Erase Boards
        3M™Highland(TM) Notes
    3M™Photo Products
        3M™Scotch(R) Photo and Document Tape
    3M™Packaging and Mailroom Products
        3M™Mailing Paper
        3M™Mailing Envelopes
        3M™Mailing Boxes
        3M™Cushion Wrap
    3M™Office and Home Tapes
        3M™Labeling and Cover-Up Tapes
        3M™Home and Office Masking
        3M™Drafting Tape
        3M™Double Sided
        3M™Dispensers with Tape
        3M™Book Tape
    3M™Laminating Products
        3M™Laminating Systems
        3M™Laminating Sheets
        3M™Laminating Pouches
        3M™Cartridge Re-fills for Laminating Systems
    3M™Deals and Displays
    3M™Craft Products
        3M™Scotch(TM) Kraft Banner Paper
    3M™Computer Workstation Products
        3M™ Organizers
        3M™ Office Ergonomics Products
        3M™ Cleaners
        3M™Office Adhesives
        3M™Fine Arts
3M™Construction and Home Improvement Products
    3M™Painting Products
        3M™Scotch(R) Blue Masking Tapes
        3M™Power Sanding
        3M™Scotch(R) Painting Tapes
    3M™Furnace and Air Conditioner Filters
        3M™Ultra Allergen Filters
    3M™Electrical and Telecommunication Products
        3M™Electrical Tapes
        3M™Electrical Connectors
    3M™Drywall Adhesives
        3M™ Drywall Corner Bead 61 Adhesive
    3M™Command(TM) Adhesives Products
        3M™Hooks and Replacement Strips
    3M™Colored Plastic Tapes
    3M™Cloth Tapes
        3M™Scotch(R) Colored Duct Tape 330
        3M™Scotch(R) Colored Cloth Tape 127
        3M™Scotch(R) Colored Cloth Tape 126
    3M™Carpet and Rug Tapes
    3M™Automotive Products (Retail)
        3M™Sanding Products
    3M™ Fire Protection Products
        3M™Interam(TM) Tape
        3M™Fire Barrier Wraps and Collars
        3M™Fire Barrier Wrap/Strip
        3M™Fire Barrier RTV Foam
        3M™Fire Barrier Restricting Collars and Pipe Devices
        3M™Fire Barrier Putty
        3M™Fire Barrier Pillows
        3M™Fire Barrier Mortar
        3M™Composite Sheets
    3M™Sandpaper Sheets
        3M™Aluminum Oxide
    3M™Sanding Edger Products
    3M™Protective Products/Safety Products
        3M™Sanding/Lawn/Woodworking/Painting Respirators
        3M™Hearing Protection Products
        3M™Head Protective Products
        3M™Furniture/Floor/Appliance Protectors
        3M™Eyewear Protective Products
3M™Bumpon(TM) Protective Products
    3M™Resilient Rollstock
    3M™Molded Shapes
        3M™Quiet Clear
        3M™Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Spacers
        3M™Easy Slide
    3M™Custom Shapes
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Resilient Rollstock SJ5208
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ6122
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ57B6
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ57B2
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5780
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5745
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5739
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5716
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5523
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5518
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5508
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5412
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5406
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5402
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5384
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5383
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5378
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5376
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5344
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5329
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5327
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5323
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5318
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5317
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5309
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5308
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5307
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5301
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products SJ5007
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products MB1202-132
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products MB1202-124
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Products MB1104-117
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Product SJ5370
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Protective Product SJ5303
        3M™ Bumpon(TM) Blister Pack SJ5412
    3M™Continuous Strip
3M™Building Services
    3M™Traction Enhancement Tapes and Treads
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) Medium Resilient Tread, 300 Series
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) General Purpose Tread, 600 Series
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) Fine Resilient Tread, 200 Series
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) Conformable Tread, 500 Series
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) Coarse Tread, 700 Series
    3M™Liquid Filter Bags
    3M™Food Services Appliance Cleaning Systems
    3M™Commercial High Performance Wipes
    3M™ Work Area Mats
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) Cushion Matting 3270
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) 5100 Cushion Matting
    3M™ Safety-Walk(TM) Wet Area Matting
        3M™Safety-Walk(TM) Wet Area Matting 3200
    3M™ Nomad(TM) Scraper Matting
    3M™ Nomad(TM) Carpet Matting
        3M™Nomad(TM) Heavy Traffic Matting 8850
    3M™ Floor and Baseboard Maintenance Products
        3M™Doodlebug(TM) and Doodleduster(TM) Products
    3M™ Cleaning Chemicals
        3M™Trouble Shooter(TM) Aerosols
        3M™Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish
        3M™Stain Remover
        3M™Restroom Chemicals
        3M™Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner
        3M™Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner
        3M™Floor Cleaning
        3M™Carpet Cleaning
        3M™ Sharpshooter(TM) Products
    3M™Hand Pads, Sponges and Wiping Products
3M™Automotive and Specialty Vehicles
    3M™Welding and Spark Deflection Products
    3M™Retroflective Materials
        3M™Scotch(R) Conspicuity Products
        3M™Marking Kits
        3M™Luminous Films
    3M™Paint Preparation
        3M™Paint Preparation Systems
        3M™Overspray Masking/Booth Coating Products
    3M™Mechanical Aerosols
    3M™Guide Coat
    3M™Cleaners and Waxes
    3M™Body Coatings
    3M™Automotive Dressing/Finishing/Polishing Products
    3M™Automotive Compounds, Glazes, Buffing
    3M™Auto Glass
    3M™Adhesives, Putties, Automix, Sealers
        3M™Sealers and Fillers
3M™Occupational Health and Safety Products
    3M™ Welding Solutions
        3M™ Speedglas(TM) Variable Shade Auto-Darkening Filters and Helmets
        3M™ Speedglas(TM) Fixed Shade Auto-Darkening Filters and Helmets
        3M™ Fresh-air II Supplied Air Systems
        3M™ Adflo Respiratory Protection Systems
    3M™ Supplied Air Respirators
        3M™ Tight-Fitting Facepiece for 3M™ Supplied Air Respirator Systems
        3M™ Replacement Parts and Accessories for 3M™ Supplied Air Respirato
        3M™ Loose-Fitting Facepieces, Hoods and Helmets
        3M™ Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panels
        3M™ Air Control Devices
    3M™ Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Systems
        3M™ Air-Mate(TM) 2000 SCBA
    3M™ Responder Products for Domestic Preparedness
        3M™ Spare Parts and Accessories for Full Facepieces FR-M40
        3M™ Spare Parts and Accessories for Breathe Easy(TM) 10 and 6000 RRPAS(TM)
        3M™ FR-M40, 6000 and 7800S Series Negative Pressure Facepieces
    3M™ Powered Air Purifying Respirators
        3M™ Vehicle-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) GVP-VM
        3M™ Powerflow(TM) Face-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
        3M™ Face-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)
        3M™ Breathe Easy(TM) Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs
        3M™ Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) GVP-Series
        3M™ Airstream(TM) High Efficiency Headgear Powered Air Purifying Respirato
        3M™ Airstream(TM) Belt-Mounted High Efficiency Powered Air Purifying Respi
        3M™ Airhat(TM) Helmet- Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)
        3M™ Air-Mate(TM) Belt-Mounted High Efficiency Powered Air Purifying Respir
    3M™ Personal Air Monitoring Systems
        3M™ Organic Vapor Monitors
        3M™ Formaldehyde Monitors
        3M™ Ethylene Oxide Monitors
    3M™ Hearing Protection Products
        3M™ Reusable Ear Plugs
        3M™ Foam Ear Plugs
        3M™ Ear Muffs
        3M™ Banded Hearing Protector
    3M™ Filtering Facepiece Particulate Respirators
        3M™ Class 95 Particulate Respirators
        3M™ Class 100 Particulate Respirators
        3M™ Accessory, for Filtering Facepiece Respirators
    3M™ Eye, Head and Face Protection Products
        3M™ Head Protection Products
        3M™ Face Protection Products
        3M™ Eye Protection Products
    3M™ Environmental Safety Products
        3M™ Petroleum Sorbents
        3M™ Maintenance Sorbents
        3M™ Chemical Sorbents
    3M™ Elastomeric Facepiece Respirators, Filters & Cartridges
        3M™ 7000 Series Respirator Facepieces, Cartridges, Filters, Accessories, a
        3M™ 6000 Series Respirator Facepieces, Cartridges, Filters, Assemblies, an
        3M™ 6000 Series Quantitative Fit Test Respirators and Adapters
        3M™ 5000/6000/7000 Series Filters & Accessories
        3M™ 5000/6000 Series Filter Adapters, Retainers and Cleaning Wipes
        3M™ 5000 Series Maintenance Free Gas & Vapor Respirators
        3M™ 2000 Series Particulate Filters
    3M™ Comprehensive Training Programs
        3M™ Fitting Instruction Programs
        3M™ Fit Testing Devices
3M™Marine Products
    3M™Marine Maintenance Products
    3M™Marine Adhesives/Sealants/Compounds
3M™Home Care
    3M™Scrubbers, Brushes, Cleaning Products
        3M™Tub and Tile Scrubbers 549
        3M™Squeegee 497
        3M™Sponge Dishwand Refills
        3M™Scotch-Brite(TM) Disposable Toilet Bowl Cleaners
        3M™Scotch-Brite(R) Laminates and Scrubs
        3M™Pot, Pan, and Dish Brush
        3M™Multi-Purpose Dishwand Refills
        3M™Kitchen Pads
        3M™Household Scrubber Brushes
        3M™High Performance Wiping Pads
        3M™Heavy Duty Dishwands 480
        3M™Heavy Duty Dishwand Refills 481
        3M™Heavy Duty Dishwand 550-12
        3M™Handy Scrubber Brush 552
        3M™Grill Scrub 7721
        3M™Floor Scrub 7722
        3M™Bath Scrub 7723
    3M™Mops and Refills
        3M™Scotch-Brite(TM) Carpet Touch-Up Roller
        3M™Microfiber Super Duster M-004
        3M™Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop M-005
    3M™Lint/Particulate Removal Products
        3M™Lint Removal Products
    3M™Cleaners and Protectors
        3M™Tarni-Shield(TM) Silver Polish 625NG
        3M™Scotchgard(TM) Heavy Duty Water Repellent 5014S
        3M™Scotchgard(TM) Fabric Protector for Upholstery and Clothing 4101
        3M™Scotchgard(TM) Carpet & Upholstery Protector
3M™Health & Personal Care
    3M™Transparent Dressing
    3M™Skin Care Products
    3M™Self-Adherent Wrap
    3M™Insect Repellent
    3M™Hot/Cold Packs
    3M™High Performance Gauze Pads and Wraps
    3M™Health Care Dressings
    3M™First Aid Tapes
        3M™ Transpore(TM) Surgical Tape
        3M™ Nexcare(TM) First Aid Tape
        3M™ Micropore(TM) Surgical Tape
        3M™ Microfoam(TM) Surgical Tape
        3M™ Medipore(TM) Soft Cloth Surgical Tape
        3M™ Durapore(TM) Surgical Tape
        3M™ Comply(TM) Steam Indicator Tape
        3M™ Blenderm(TM) Surgical Tape
    3M™First Aid Kits
    3M™Barrier and Antiseptic Products
        3M™ Nexcare(TM) Waterproof Bandages
        3M™ Nexcare(TM) Comfort Bandages
        3M™ Nexcare(TM) Assorted Bandages
        3M™ Nexcare(TM) Active(TM) Bandages
3M™ Adhesives
    3M™Structural Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Two Part Curing Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) One-Part Epoxy Adhesives; Metal Primers
    3M™Specialty Maintenance Products
        3M™ Maintenance Products - Miscellaneous
        3M™ Maintenance Products - Bulk
        3M™ Maintenance Products - Aerosol
    3M™Hot Melt Systems
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Hot Melt Spray Adhesive Heat Applied Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Hot Melt Adhesives
    3M™Concrete Repair
    3M™ Sealants
        3M™Sealants - Polyurethane
        3M™Sealants - Miscellaneous
        3M™Sealants - Butyl
    3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Purge Material 3756
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives
    3M™Dispensers, Applicators and Accessories
        3M™Applicators and Parts
            3M™Hot Melt/PUR Systems
            3M™Concrete Repair
            3M™Two Part Curing
        3M™Tips and Accessories
            3M™Hot Melt Tips and Accessories
            3M™Curing Hot Melt Tips and Accessories
    3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Instant Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) CA9
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) CA8
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) CA7
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) CA5
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) CA40
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Instant Adhesive Surface Activator
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Instant Adhesive Gel CA50
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Instant Adhesive CA4
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Instant Adhesive CA100
    3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Cylinder Spray Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Polystyrene Foam Insulation 78 Cylinder Spray Adhesive
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Hi-Strength 90 Cylinder Spray Adhesive
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) FoamFast 74 Cylinder Spray Adhesives
    3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Anaerobic Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Threadlockers
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Thread Sealant
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Retaining Compound
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Gasket Makers
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Anaerobic Activator
    3M™ Rubber and Gasket Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Neoprene High Performance Rubber and Gasket Adhesive 1
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Rubber And Gasket Adhesive 847L
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Rubber And Gasket Adhesive 847H
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Rubber And Gasket Adhesive 847
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Rubber And Gasket Adhesive 2141
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Rubber And Gasket Adhesive 1300
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Industrial Adhesive 4799
    3M™ Plastic Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Nitrile High Performance Plastic Adhesive 1099L
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Plastic Adhesive 826
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Plastic Adhesive 4693H
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Plastic Adhesive 4693
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Plastic Adhesive 4475
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Plastic Adhesive 2262
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Plastic Adhesive 1099
        3M™ Scotch-Grip(TM) Industrial Adhesive 4491
    3M™ Industrial and Insulation Adhesives
    3M™ Contact Adhesive
        3M™Water-Based Contact Adhesives
        3M™Solvent-Based Contact Adhesives
    3M™ Aerosol Adhesives
        3M™ Aerosol Adhesives - Retail Specialty
        3M™ Aerosol Adhesives - Cans
        3M™ Aerosol Adhesives - Bulk
    3M™ Adhesives for Electronics
        3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Structural Adhesive Film
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Epoxy Adhesives
        3M™ Scotch-Weld(TM) Bonding Film
        3M™ Light Cure Adhesives
    3M™Surface Conditioning
        3M™Wheels - Wet Deburring
        3M™Wheels - Unitized
            3M™Roloc(TM) TS
            3M™Roloc(TM) TR
            3M™Metal Finishing
            3M™General Purpose
            3M™Cut and Polish
            3M™Clean and Strip
            3M™Buff and Polish
        3M™Wheels - Rim
        3M™Wheels - Molded
        3M™Wheels - Cup
        3M™Wheels - Convolute
            3M™SST Deburring
            3M™SF Finishing & Deburring
            3M™Metal Finishing
            3M™Light Deburring
            3M™General Purpose
            3M™Flat Part Deburring
            3M™EXL Deburring
            3M™EX3 Deburring
            3M™EX2 Deburring
            3M™Cut and Polish
            3M™Surface Conditioning
            3M™Metal Blending
            3M™High Strength
            3M™High Gloss
            3M™Cut and Polish
            3M™Clean and Finish
        3M™Sheet Rolls - Multi-Flex
        3M™Roto Peen
            3M™Surface Conditioning
            3M™Super Polish
            3M™Production Clean and Finish
            3M™Metal Blending
            3M™Light Deburring
            3M™High Strength
            3M™High Gloss
            3M™Cut and Polish
            3M™Clean and Finish
        3M™Hand Pads
        3M™Discs - Unitized
        3M™Discs - TN Quick-Change
            3M™Surface Conditioning
            3M™SE Surface Conditioning
            3M™RS Surface Conditioning
            3M™Clean & Strip XT
        3M™Discs - Roloc(TM)
            3M™Roloc(TM)+ Clean & Strip
            3M™Roloc(TM) TSM
            3M™Roloc(TM) TS
            3M™Roloc(TM) TR
            3M™Roloc(TM) TP
        3M™Discs - Regular
            3M™Surface Conditioning
            3M™Production Clean and Finish
            3M™Metal Blending
            3M™Light Deburring
            3M™Light Coating Removal Disc
            3M™HP High Strength
            3M™High Strength
            3M™High Gloss
            3M™Cut and Polish
            3M™Clean and Strip XT
            3M™Clean and Strip
            3M™Clean and Finish
        3M™Discs - Hookit II
        3M™Discs - Hookit
        3M™Discs - Hook & Loop
            3M™Surface Conditioning
            3M™SE Surface Conditioning
            3M™RS Surface Conditioning
            3M™PD Surface Conditioning
            3M™Marine/Aircraft Cleaning
            3M™Coating Removal
            3M™Printed Circuit
            3M™Flap Brush, Steel Core
            3M™Flap Brush
            3M™Cleaning Brush, Bonded
            3M™Cleaning Brush, Bolt-Thru
            3M™Bristle - Discs
            3M™Bristle - Brushes
        3M™Blocks, Wiper Bars, Pads & Wipes
            3M™Wiper Bars
        3M™Bench Area
            3M™Scrim Back
            3M™Low Stretch
            3M™Film Back
    3M™Power Tools, Accessories, Compounds, Specialties and Wood Repair
        3M™Tack Cloth
        3M™Sanding Sponges, Sheets and Pads
            3M™Synthetic Wool
            3M™Heavy Duty Stripping
            3M™Bulk Sanding Sponges
            3M™Between Coats(TM)
        3M™Related Specialties
            3M™Putties & Fillers
            3M™Compounds & Polishes
        3M™Molding Adhesive and Stripe Removal Discs
        3M™Kits, Packs, Sets and Sample Rings
            3M™Unitized Wheel
            3M™Surface Conditioning Disc
            3M™Solid Surface Kits
            3M™Scuffing Roll Kits
            3M™Sample - Rings
            3M™Roloc(TM) Unitized Wheel
            3M™Hand Pad
            3M™Diamond Abrasive Kits
            3M™Conformable Applicator
            3M™Coating Removal Disc
        3M™Graphics Removal Discs
        3M™Gasket Removal Discs
        3M™Finesse-it(TM) Compounds, Polishes and Accessories
            3M™Polishing Pad Waffle Face
            3M™Buffing Pad
        3M™Disc Pads and Holders
            3M™Hookit(TM) II
            3M™Hook & Loop
        3M™Abrasives - Coated and Bonded
            3M™Discs - Light Weight
            3M™Disc Rolls
    3M™Coated and Bonded
            3M™Cut-Off Wheels
        3M™Specialty Abrasive Products
            3M™Square Pads
            3M™Flap Discs
            3M™Cross Pads - 8 Ply
            3M™Cross Pads - 10 Ply
            3M™Stikit(TM) Sheets
            3M™Regular Sheets
            3M™Hookit(TM) Sheets
        3M™Sheet Rolls
            415U - 3M™ Stikit(TM) Paper 415U Rolls
            415N - 3M™ Stikit(TM) Paper 415N Sheet Rolls
            216U - 3M™ Stikit(TM) Gold Paper 216U Sheet Rolls
            3M™Utility Rolls
            3M™Stikit(TM) Rolls
            3M™Regular Rolls
        3M™PG, Flap, and Combi Wheels
            3M™PG Type 84
            3M™PG Type 83
            3M™PG Type 80
            3M™Flap Type 84
            3M™Flap Type 83
        3M™Discs - Light Weight
            3M™Trizact(TM) Stikit(TM) Discs
            3M™Trizact(TM) Hookit(TM) Discs
            3M™Stikit(TM) Discs
            3M™Regular Discs
            3M™PSA Discs
            3M™Hookit(TM) II Discs
            3M™Hookit(TM) Discs
            3M™Clean Sanding Discs
        3M™Discs - Heavy Duty
            3M™Roloc(TM) TSM
            3M™Roloc(TM) TS Discs
            3M™Roloc(TM) TR Discs
            3M™Roloc(TM) TP Discs
            3M™Regular Discs
            3M™Quick Change Discs
        3M™Disc Rolls
            3M™Stikit(TM) Disc Rolls
            3M™PSA Disc Rolls
            3M™Finesse-it(TM) Disc Rolls
            3M™Regular Cones
        3M™Cartridge Rolls
            3M™Full Tapered
            3M™Silicon Carbide
            3M™Aluminum Oxide
            3M™Alumina Zirconia
            747D - 3M™ Cloth 747D Bands
            241D - 3M™ Cloth 241D Bands
    3M™Bonded Superabrasives and Related Products
        3M™Specialty Abrasive Products
            3M™Hand Lap
            3M™Hand Files
            3M™Regular Sheets
            3M™QRS Sheets
            3M™PSA Sheets
            3M™Hookit(TM) Sheets
            3M™Hookit(TM) II Sheets
            3M™Regular Rolls
            3M™PSA Rolls
        3M™Plated Mandrels
            3M™Diamond Plated Mandrels
            3M™CBN Plated Mandrels
        3M™General Purpose Wheels
            3M™Straight Wheels
            3M™Hand Hones
            3M™Dish Wheels
            3M™Die Grinding Wheels
            3M™Cut Off Wheels
            3M™Cup Wheels
        3M™Dressing Tools
            3M™Truing Tools
            3M™Single Point Tools
            3M™Phono Point Tools
            3M™Multi-Point Dressing Tools
            3M™Grit Tools
        3M™Dressing Sticks
            3M™Aluminum Oxide
        3M™Discs - Light Weight
            3M™Regular Discs
            3M™PSA Discs
            3M™Hookit(TM) II Discs
            3M™Hookit(TM) Discs
        3M™Discs - Heavy Duty
            3M™Roloc(TM) TR Discs
            3M™QRS Discs
        3M™Disc Rolls
            3M™PSA Disc Rolls
            3M™Finesse-it(TM) Disc Rolls
        3M™CNC Wheels
            3M™Gashing Wheels
            3M™Cut Off Wheels
            3M™Cup Wheels
            3M™Silicon Carbide
            3M™Aluminum Oxide
3M™Tape Dispensers, Applicators and Accessories
    3M™Tape/Film Application Tools
    3M™Specialty Sealers
    3M™Repulpable Tape Applicators
    3M™Pull-and-Cut Tape Dispensers
    3M™Masking Machines
        3M™Dispensers for Large Area Masking, Obsolete
    3M™Lane Marking Equipment
    3M™Hand-Held Dispensers
        3M™Hand-Held Dispensers for Filament Tapes
        3M™Hand-Held Dispensers for Box Sealing Tapes
    3M™Definite Length Dispensers
    3M™Adhesive Transfer Tape Applicators
        3M™ Strip \'N Spot Applicators T646, Obsolete
3M™Safety and Security Products
    3M™Tarni-Shield(TM) Protective Strips
    3M™Static Control Products
3M™Electrical Products
    3M™ Wire Marking and Identifying
        3M™ ScotchCode(TM) Wire Marking Dispensers
    3M™ Wire Connectors
        3M™ Spring Connectors and Tools
        3M™ Direct Bury Products
    3M™ Terminals, Kits and Tools
        3M™ Tools
        3M™ Scotchlok(TM) Kits
    3M™ Resin Splices
        3M™ Splice Protection Products
        3M™ Scotchcast(TM) 78-R Series Reenterable Inline and Tap Splice Kits
    3M™ Heat Shrink
        3M™ SKE Heat Shrink Heavy Duty End Caps
        3M™ Single Wall Polyolefin Tubing
        3M™ Medium Wall Tubing
        3M™ Heavy Wall Tubing
        3M™ HDBB Heat Shrink Heavy Duty Breakout Boot
        3M™ Bus Bar Tubing
        3M™ Adhesive Lined Tubing
    3M™ Diagnostic and Detection Products
        3M™ Infrared Thermometers
    3M™ Cold Shrink Splices
        3M™ 8420 Series Splice Kits
    3M™ Cables
    3M™ Cable Ties
        3M™ Cable Ties
    3M™ Cable Accessory Products
        3M™ Splice Repair
        3M™ Preparation and Cleaning
        3M™ Hardware Accessories
        3M™ 3/C Cable Breakout Boots and 3/C Phase Rejacketing System
    3M™ Electrical Tape
        3M™ Special Use Tapes
        3M™ General Use Tapes
        3M™ Corrosion Protection Tape
        3M™ 547 Thread Sealant and Lubricant Tape

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