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3M™Construction and Home Improvement Products

3M™Painting Products
    3M™Scotch(R) Blue Masking Tapes
    3M™Power Sanding
    3M™Scotch(R) Painting Tapes
3M™Furnace and Air Conditioner Filters
    3M™Ultra Allergen Filters
3M™Electrical and Telecommunication Products
    3M™Electrical Tapes
    3M™Electrical Connectors
3M™Drywall Adhesives
    3M™ Drywall Corner Bead 61 Adhesive
3M™Command(TM) Adhesives Products
    3M™Hooks and Replacement Strips
3M™Colored Plastic Tapes
3M™Cloth Tapes
    3M™Scotch(R) Colored Duct Tape 330
    3M™Scotch(R) Colored Cloth Tape 127
    3M™Scotch(R) Colored Cloth Tape 126
3M™Carpet and Rug Tapes
3M™Automotive Products (Retail)
    3M™Sanding Products
3M™ Fire Protection Products
    3M™Interam(TM) Tape
    3M™Fire Barrier Wraps and Collars
    3M™Fire Barrier Wrap/Strip
    3M™Fire Barrier RTV Foam
    3M™Fire Barrier Restricting Collars and Pipe Devices
    3M™Fire Barrier Putty
    3M™Fire Barrier Pillows
    3M™Fire Barrier Mortar
    3M™Composite Sheets
3M™Sandpaper Sheets
    3M™Aluminum Oxide
3M™Sanding Edger Products
3M™Protective Products/Safety Products
    3M™Sanding/Lawn/Woodworking/Painting Respirators
    3M™Hearing Protection Products
    3M™Head Protective Products
    3M™Furniture/Floor/Appliance Protectors
    3M™Eyewear Protective Products

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